Mute Forest - Deforestation

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Painstakingly written, recorded and mixed at Mute Forest's home studio in Denver, Deforestation (Out November 13th on Lost Tribe Sound) sprawls across nine sonorous and meticulously wrought tracks containing elements of minimal electronic, ambient and folk. Large cavernous beats, micro ambient deconstruction and nylon guitar all swirl into a coherent palate left for Smith’s poignant, intimate words.

Mastered specifically for vinyl by Taylor Deupree (12k), and with the additional step taken to create lacquers and metal stampers by SAE Mastering, Deforestation sees a gatefold 180-gram release that, like the material, takes no shortcuts. Both the album’s acetate and test pressing were scrutinized for anomalies on world-class vinyl setups at Arizona’s esteemed high-end audio dealer and vacuum tube specialists, Arizona Hi-Fi. Concluding the deluxe package and connecting intimately with the material within are stark, disintegrating images courtesy of renowned minimalist photographer Christy Romanick (Rivulets, Chihei Hatakeyam).

Graveyard Tapes - I'm On Fire (White Rooms Remixes) 

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No time like the present to unleash this solid collection of remixes and covers.  For numerous reasons, these songs almost didn't see the light of day. Yet having revisited them many times since the original album was released, we came to and realized others should have a chance to hear them.

For those who missed the Graveyard Tapes album White Rooms in late 2014, let these bold new interpretations provide some serious incentive to check out one of the strongest releases in the Lost Tribe Sound catalog. White Rooms, is the sophomore album from Edinburgh based duo Euan McMeeken (glacis, The Kays Lavelle) and Matthew Collings (Splintered Instruments, Sketches For Albinos). 

I'm On Fire (White Rooms Remixes) pools the considerable talents of Graveyard Tapes close musical allies.  Well known underground acts Benoit Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Fieldhead and Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) hold the source material in high regards while making bold choices with its redesign. Newly signed LTS artists Western Skies Motel and Mute Forest deliver impressive drone steeped indie reworks.  I'm On Fire... avoids the usual pitfalls of many remix albums, maintaining an alive and well-paced story throughout while providing a worthy final chapter to the original.

If you have yet to grab a copy of the original White Rooms on vinyl, CD or digital, get on it HERE 

Mute Forest - Infinity Pools EP (Out Now)

What does the future of peace and quiet look like? Is it possible for someone to find serenity in a world where population mushrooms and buildings continuously jockey for the best possible view? With Kael Smith’s (Mombi, Khale) Mute Forest this dichotomy is at the epicenter of his Infinity Pools EP

To coincide with visuals courtesy of Gregory Euclide (Bon Iver, Erased Tapes), Smith’s debut EP fuses acoustic sounds, mangled electronics and provocative lyrics across four meditative yet mesmerizing tracks. Purchase the Infinity Pools EP, HERE.

Press Reviews:

"Like watching a gray, drizzly dawn over a dystopian future-metropolis" - STEREOGUM

"The highly promising EP combines elements of folk, found sound and ambient soundscapes that conjures up the timeless sounds of Helios, Benoît Pioulard..." - FRACTURED AIR

"Mute Forest release an EP of pre-album tunes to whet appetites with disarming, whispery vocals over muted beats" - BANDCAMP

William Ryan Fritch - Dampener EP (Piano Day)

Nils Frahm recently declared March 29th, Piano Day and in a strange coincidence, that exact day also happens to be William Ryan Fritch's birthday.  Feeling inspired by this, Fritch compiled an EP of five very special piano led pieces, titled Dampener. These pieces are a nice precursor to his upcoming album Music For Film Vol. I.

William Ryan Fritch - Revisionist

William Ryan Fritch's  release Revisionist, is out now worldwide on Deluxe Vinyl/CD/Digital.  To purchase a copy visit us, HERE

Following his work with Volcano Choir drummer Jon Mueller under the name of Death Blues, Fritch called on the likes of Benoit PioulardD.M. StithOrigamibiro and Esmé Patterson to help realise his latest album, Revisionist. These inspired partnerships take Fritch's instrumentation and craft to new destinations, employing new techniques while furthering its immediacy and appeal.

This is the biggest project we've ever done for composer William Ryan Fritch. It comes in a few formats, a gorgeous (limited edition of 300) LP hard cover book (Vinyl Edition includes two bonus EPs), or in a digipak CD. Both feature the imagery of world renowned artist Joao Ruas. Many of the deluxe vinyl editions have already been spoken for, due to the 11 album Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series . Don't sleep on this one, it will never be repressed in this form.  

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Join the Leave Me Sessions (11 Album) Series to get Revisionist at a reduced price HERE

Press Reviews:

"Revisionist [is] a grand and sweeping statement marked by staggering beauty and a careful patience" - STEREOGUM 

"Fritch's haunting vocals and thumping percussion...evoke a sense of euphoric dread" - VICE 

"Orchestral folk that rattles you to the core with its massive beauty" - FLAVORWIRE 

"Fritch shapes "unruly" acoustic source material with a bevy of effects before putting the sounds to work as building blocks. Churning figures for string orchestra, rolling piano chords, and pealing electric guitar leads provide warm centers to sonic landscapes strewn with junkyard-snare hits and amplified pedal noise." - PITCHFORK 

"It’s a conceptually overwhelming experience, but Fritch’s gentle vocals feel warm and reassuring." - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND 

"Despite its subject matter, the album doesn’t come across as a United Nations summit. Instead, the music echoes with the weight of prophecy." - A CLOSER LISTEN 

"There’s a vulnerability and innocence here that is nothing short of breathtaking. His ability to sew these contradictory elements together is the real key to this album. It really does feel like something definitive." - CYCLIC DEFROST 

"A song-based album that naturally situates Fritch's distinctive voice, an ear-catching instrument that undulates in tandem with the slow, dream-like flow of the music, at the forefront." - TEXTURA 

"This is the free-gan style of modern-baroque-classic that all DIY orchestral auteurs and musicians should take note of." - IMPOSE MAGAZINE 

"There’s an impossibly gripping aesthetic to this..., a feeling that goes far beyond your headphones, your building, even the city that you’re in." - ART INFO 

"A rich and soaring soundscape that envelops the listener in a beautiful ethereal haze" - THE BAY BRIDGED 

William Ryan Fritch: Empty EP (Out Now)

Empty, the latest EP from composer William Ryan Fritch, is an album of deceptively simple songs that, with their raw and unrestrained conveyance, emanate persuasive warmth and candor. The stripped down and restrained arrangements of these tracks are brought into extreme focus, saturating each note, thud, and pause with an expansive depth of field. These intimate songs proudly show their bruises. They offer stability in their numerous creaks and rasps, find clarity in common disillusionment, and celebrate loving and morbid tangents in the same breath.  The beautiful cover art was provided by renowned Brazilian artist and illustrator João Ruas.

Press Reviews:

"Fritch’s prodigious output is evidence that he is pouring his heart into his work, and by extension, into a deeper philosophy." - A Closer Listen 

"Empty shows Fritch at his most heartfelt and, surprisingly, vocal." - Exclaim! 

"At first blush, the songs seem straightforward enough, but an undercurrent of dread and disillusionment can be gleaned beneath their surfaces, an impression sonically reinforced when so many of them are animated by plodding rhythms." - Textura 

Also "Tend" from the Empty EP was featured in this epic video from GoPro: Descent Into the Lava of Marum in 4K. Check it out at around the 9:50 minute mark HERE.

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Graveyard Tapes: White Rooms ( Vinyl - CD - Digital)

Both Matthew Collings and Euan McMeeken (glacis, Kays Lavelle) of Graveyard Tapes have long embraced collaboration in their solo careers, having worked with the likes of Ben Frost, Old Earth, and Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX). This time around with White Rooms they’ve given their collaborative natures ample room to breathe. Many tracks were improvised with Ben Chatwin, who records as Talvihorros, while the song “Flicker” finds omni-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter William Ryan Fritch (Vieo Abiungo, Death Blues Ensemble) lending his cello.

Press Reviews for White Rooms:

"It is its own thing, completely mesmerizing. Graveyard Tapes have found their true voice in 'White Rooms'." - Popmatters 

"Influences such as Radiohead and Atlas Sound creep into the music, but Graveyard Tapes have their own unreachable crypt. It wakes from combat, ready for a new day." - Fluid Radio 

"Once again pooling their considerable talents for an arresting set of experimental pop songs" - Honorable mention as "Album of the Month" - Textura 

"8/10 Stars - An excellent work that marks this classic music." - Son of Marketing 

"tension between traditional melody and found sound based musical backing, which always threatens to open out into rock climax but, most satisfyingly, never does, is excellent." - Cyclic Defrost 

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A rare look into the home studio and musical processes of William Ryan Fritch, the guy behind such projects as Death Blues Ensemble, Vieo Abiungo, The Waiting Room OST, and the album, Revisionist.

"Volcanoes Flowing" is the new single from the upcoming Mute Forest (aka Mombi) EP, Infinity Pools. Pre-Order the Infinity Pools EP,  HERE. Mastered by Taylor Deupree with artwork by Gregory Euclide

Check out William Ryan Fritch's new music video for 'Still' featuring Esmé Patterson and created by Bon Iver cover artist Gregory Euclide.  Then grab 'Still' on the new album Revisionist, HERE


VICE premiered William Ryan Fritch's music video for "Thankless Deeds", off the new album Revisionist.  Watch it above, and read what VICE had to say HERE

Songs from William Ryan Fritch's upcoming Music for Film Vol. I - Out to series subscribers in March 2015, and the rest of the world in Apr. 2015

William Ryan Fritch - Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series (11 albums, 110+ Songs)

William Ryan Fritch - Behind The Leave Me Sessions