William Ryan Fritch – Leave Me Sessions – Now on Bandcamp

March 23, 2014

The biggest set of releases from William Ryan Fritch (aka Vieo Abiungo) that has ever been attempted, the “Leave Me Sessions” is now available on Bandcamp as well as directly through Lost Tribe Sound’s Barter Page

The subscription series will include 9 albums, over 65 songs, and three amazingly packaged physical editions with original artwork from world renowned artist/illustrator João Ruas, also known for his cover illustrations for Fable comics. Limited to 175 Subscribers.

William Ryan Fritch – Subscription Series

March 13, 2014

Due to the sheer amount of incredible music composer/singer-songwriter William Ryan Fritch (aka Vieo Abiungo) has amassed over the last couple years, a period of time we now call the “Leave Me Sessions,” we’ve decided to present this body of work as a subscription package (Limited to 175 Subscriptions)

Subscribe Here

Fans of Mr. Fritch’s music who sign up for this series will be treated to an extraordinary collection of music, the finest work of his career, curated and presented free of fluff or filler. Subscribers will receive over 4 hours of his inimitable compositions and songs spanning 3 full-length albums, 3 EPs, 2 soundtracks, and exclusive subscriber-only music and content! Plus, the first 50 subscribers only will receive an extremely advanced postcard format download of William Ryan Fritch’s – Music for Film Vol. I.

The Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series includes:
• Emptied Animal (CD) + Download Card with 15-minute bonus EP
• Leave Me Like You Found Me (CD) + DL Card with 28-minute bonus EP
• Revisionist (Deluxe Vinyl Book) + Download Card with bonus EP
• Subscription Discount of 10% off our store’s retail price
• Exclusive Subscription Series Only download of The Old Believers OST
• Exclusive Subscription Series Only download of the Sum Of Its Parts OST
• Exclusive Subscriber Only download of 3 bonus songs from the Rev. album
• All three physical albums will be shipped a week before their release dates
• Digital Downloads will be emailed on the official release date
• The First 50 Subscribers Only receive an extremely advanced postcard format download of Fritch’s – Music for Film Vol. I

Benoît Pioulard – Hymnal Remixes (2CD) (Out Now)

December 18, 2013

We announce today the release of Benoît Pioulard’s Hymnal Remixes

Order Here

Seattle-based Benoît Pioulard has become a stalwart of Chicago’s kranky imprint over the course of four full-lengths, the most recent of which is Hymnal. Lost Tribe Sound is pleased to release Hymnal Remixes, a compendium of interpretations, constructions, reductions and destructions.

On Remixes the roll call includes:
Fieldhead, Loscil, Field Rotation, William Ryan Fritch, Graveyard Tapes, Part Timer, Cock & Swan, Brambles, Segue, The Remote Viewer, The Green Kingdom, Squanto, James Murray, Zachary Gray, Widesky, Radere, Ruhe, Window Magic, Benoît Honoré Pioulard

The Packaging:
This one is stunning, designed utilizing two beautifully toned photos taken by Tom Meluch. The double disc album comes housed in a perfectly worn heavy stock Japanese style CD wallet including matte printing on the disc faces as well. Mastered by Carl Saff. Release Date: January 21st, 2014

This is available for ordered from these fine retailers:
Norman Records (UK)
Stashed Goods (UK)
Stinkweeds (AZ)
Lost Tribe Sound Shop

Graveyard Tapes (Reissue – Second Edition)

August 16, 2013

Many of you are already familiar with this year’s well-received album from Graveyard Tapes. The Deluxe Book Editions sold out in record time. With artwork this excellent from illustrator Jamie Mills, we couldn’t help ourselves in producing a Second Edition of this debut album. Taking much of the art from the original and translating it into a 6 Panel Matte-Print CD Wallet, the Second Edition is more compact than the Deluxe. Yet, it still captures the beauty of the illustrations in a more affordable design. For those that didn’t get a chance to grab a copy of this album the first time around, it is a beautiful piece of work. The Graveyard Tapes music is one of the most evolving, surprising, and emotional releases we have had the pleasure to release!

Order Our Sound Is Our Wound from our shop, or pick up a copy on our Bandcamp page.

William Ryan Fritch – The Waiting Room (Album out now)

March 18, 2013

William Ryan Fritch (aka Vieo Abiungo) has a new album out, the Waiting Room. Pick up a copy today. It’s a gorgeous 12 song full length and well beyond the standard soundtrack fare. It is a fully realized piece of art, and very much stands on it’s own apart from the film.

Available from Our Shop, or one of these fine retailers.

Bandcamp (Digital)
Stashed Goods (UK)
Norman Records (UK)

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