Get in touch anytime, we are a friendly and generally responsive bunch.  

Licensing Our Music:  If you have questions regarding licensing the music in our catalog or the select group of artists we represent through our micro-licensing firm, Settled Scores, please use this form as well or email us at info(at)losttribesound(dot)com

Demo Policy:  If you're a musician and want to share your new demo with us, please send a link of your private Soundcloud or Bandcamp stream. We are quite busy with our current roster, but we do listen to all the demos we receive. However we do not always have time to personally respond. That said, take some time and listen to our current catalog. If you think your music is right for Lost Tribe Sound get in touch.  We like many styles of music, and with LTS the mood just has to fit.

Distribution:  Are you wondering how and where to buy Lost Tribe Sound's releases for your own record store?  Our main US/World distributor is Darla Records.  In the UK,  our exclusive online retailer is Norman Records

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