Lost Tribe Sound has put together the most beastly and insanely beautiful line-up of releases in the history of the label. The Prelude To the Decline Subscription Series includes up to 11 full-length releases. A rundown of artists lined up for this year include 4 albums from William Ryan Fritch, and full-length albums from Seabuckthorn, From The Mouth Of The Sun (aka Aaron Martin and Dag Rosengvist), The Green Kingdom, Alder and Ash, Matt Finney and kj. The year will introduce 5 vinyl, 7 CDs, and 1 cassettes, plus at least 1 incredible Subscriber Exclusive album (but really that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Subscription levels include ways to receive a discounted price on vinyl, CD, or digital editions. All subscribers will get big discounts on the releases, exclusive songs, content and releases.


William Ryan Fritch - Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters In A New World - Out Now

Watch GoPro's new mini documentary Eagle Hunters In A New World, with an original full score by William Ryan Fritch. On the Western plains of Mongolia a nomadic group of Kazakhs continue the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles. The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia. Purchase Eagle Hunters on vinyl, CD or digital, HERE

Get inside the creative mind and home studio of Lost Tribe Sound artist and GoPro's resident in-house composer, William Ryan Fritch. You can hear Fritch's most recent work in the score of GoPro's Eagle Hunters In a New World. Buy the album HERE


Bandcamp: smarturl.it/eaglehunterbc | Norman (UK): smarturl.it/eaglehuntersnorman |Darla: smarturl.it/eaglehuntersdarla  | Experimedia: smarturl.it/eaglehuntersexp | Spotify: smarturl.it/eaglehunterspot



Brand new instrumental album from Fritch to close out the year!  Available as part of our new Dead West limited cassette series and digitally from our shop directly HERE

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Bandcamp: smarturl.it/illtidesbc
Darla: smarturl.it/illtidesdarla
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Experimedia: smarturl.it/illtidesexp
Norman Records: smarturl.it/illtidesnorman
Itunes: smarturl.it/illtidesitunes


Brand new EP from UK guitarist Seabuckthorn, his first release with the label!  Available as part of our new Dead West limited cassette series and digitally from our shop directly HERE

Or visit these other fine retailers:

Bandcamp: smarturl.it/smokebc
Darla: smarturl.it/smokedarla
Spotify: smarturl.it/smokespotify
Experimedia: smarturl.it/smokeexp
Norman Records: smarturl.it/smokenorman
Itunes: smarturl.it/smokeitunes

William Ryan Fritch - New Words For Old Wounds


Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/newwordsbc
Darla: http://smarturl.it/newwordsdarla
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/newwordsspotify
Experimedia: http://smarturl.it/newwordsexp
Norman Records: http://smarturl.it/newwordsnorman
Itunes: http://smarturl.it/newwordsitunes

New Words For Old Wounds is William Ryan Fritch's parting gift to those that supported his ambitious eleven album subscription series, The Leave Me Sessions merges the colorful orchestration and high drama bombast of albums like Heavy and Emptied Animal, the sweeping soundscapes of his finest works for film, and the restrained, nuanced textures of Empty to create its own distinct identity that is both haunting and infectiously exuberant. With guest vocal appearances by DM Stith, Powerdove, and Ceschi Ramos, New Words furthers the collaborative spirit found on Revisionist and seamlessly laces each of the artists unique talents into his compositions.  Original artwork by Sail (uselessarm.com)


"Entralling and Doomy... with bewitching original artwork" - BANDCAMP

"Fritch's strongest and most emotionally resonant work yet" - TINY MIX TAPES

"Dense, hallucinatory indie-folk whose semi-ecstatic energy level is so powerful it can barely be contained" - TEXTURA

"The orchestral instruments are mixed so cleanly and fully that they seem to be pushing against the inner walls of the speakers." - A CLOSER LISTEN

Western Skies Motel - Settlers 

order Settlers on Vinyl / CD / Digital, HERE

Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/wsmbandcamp
Darla: http://smarturl.it/settlersdarla
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/settlerspotify
Itunes: http://smarturl.it/settlersitunes
Norman Records: http://smarturl.it/settlersnorman
Experimedia: http://smarturl.it/settlersexp
Stashed Goods: http://smarturl.it/settlersstashed

In the dry desert of Arizona that Lost Tribe Sound calls home, a letter is received from guitarist René Gonzàlez Schelbeck who’s eager to share a collection of intimately composed songs, titled Settlers. Upon listening, we are immediately enthralled. There’s a timeworn, arid, and almost badlands quality to Schelbeck’s hypnotic, cyclical guitar style. It seems to perfectly capture the lonely, barren landscape of the American West.

Mastered for vinyl by Taylor Deupree (12k), and with the additional step taken to create the master lacquers with Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering, Settlers sees a 180-gram heavy weight gatefold release very similar to the recent Mute Forest debut, Deforestation. The acetate and test pressings were scrutinized for anomalies on world-class vinyl setups at Arizona’s esteemed audio dealer, Arizona Hi-Fi. First 50 purchasers of the physical editions of Settlers will also receive the six song bonus EP, Generations. Mastered by Kirk Marrison of Kiln (Ghostly Intl.)


"The Danish musician’s experimental folk instrumentals blend cyclical guitar and droning harmonium into hypnotic reimaginings of Americana style graced by the life experience of a post-rock fan who cut his teeth in punk bands" - TINY MIX TAPES 

"The music penetrates each living cell and every atom, evading all analysis and tests...it feels so very raw and special" - HEADPHONE COMMUTE 

9/10 STARS "I’m not sure if Schelbeck has seen No Country For Old Men, but I’m pretty sure if you hooked this album up and let it play underneath, it’d sync up Floyd/ Wizard of Oz style." - DROWNED IN SOUND 

Latest News

William Ryan Fritch has another stunning full length album out now, titled Clean War. It’s a woozy descent into some of the dirtiest psych music around. Clean War delves into an entirely new world, one which comparatively speaking would rest comfortably alongside the dank tape delayed burial grounds of Ian William Craig and Leyland Kirby's Caretaker project.

The Reforestation EP is out now worldwide, the same day as Mute Forest's debut Deforestation. It features remixes from Kiln, Porya Hatami, Mombi, Western Skies Motel, Spheruleus, and two brand new originals from Mute Forest.  The EP comes FREE with the Vinyl Edition, or sold separately above.