William Ryan Fritch – Subscription Series

Due to the sheer amount of incredible music composer/singer-songwriter William Ryan Fritch (aka Vieo Abiungo) has amassed over the last couple years, a period of time we now call the “Leave Me Sessions,” we’ve decided to present this body of work as a subscription package (Limited to 175 Subscriptions)

Listen to song previews below or listen here at: Bandcamp

Fans of Mr. Fritch’s music who sign up for this series will be treated to an extraordinary collection of music, the finest work of his career, curated and presented free of fluff or filler. Subscribers will receive over 6 hours of his inimitable compositions and songs spanning 10 albums; 3 full-length albums, 4 EPs, 3 soundtrack albums.

The Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series includes:
Emptied Animal (CD) + Download Card with an additional 15-minute bonus EP
Leave Me Like You Found Me (CD) + Download Card with a 28-minute Her Warmth EP
Revisionist (Deluxe Vinyl Book) + Download Card with the Revisionist Heavy & Empty EPs
• Subscription Discount of 10% off our store’s retail price
• Exclusive Subscription Series Only download of The Old Believers Original Soundtrack
• Exclusive Subscription Series Only download of the Sum Of Its Parts Original Soundtrack
• All three physical albums will be shipped a week before their individual release dates
• Digital Downloads will be emailed on the official release date (Choice of FLAC, 320 MP3, and more)
• The First 50 Subscribers Only receive an extremely advanced postcard format download of Fritch’s – Music for Film Vol. I

Subscribing and paying is easy. It can be done directly through Paypal or through our Bandcamp Store (You do not need to sign up for a Paypal account to order). We have three payment options:

1. Making a one-time payment – Each album will ship individually a week before its release date.
2. Making 3 equal installments – Again, each album will ship individually a week before its release date.
3. Earth/ Shipping Saver – This option is similar to the one-time payment, except all three major releases will be a week before the release of Revisionist (Scheduled for February 2015). It will save on packaging and a bit on cost by bundling the releases. You will receive digital copies of each album upon their individual release dates along the way.

One Time Payment

3 Monthly Installments

Earth/ Shipping Saver Bundle

Now we’ll give you a more in depth look at each release:

First Series Release – Emptied Animal:

Emptied Animal (CD) includes:
• Glass Mastered CD housed in a Japanese style heavy stock, reverse printed case. Limited to 250 copies.
• 4 Song Mini-EP on a download card (with CD purchase only), contains 15 additional minutes of music mastered by Carl Saff.
• Featuring artwork throughout by world renowned Brazilian artist and illustrator João Ruas.
Release Date: April 22, 2014

Emptied Animal, the debut release from William Ryan Fritch, is an overture to the surrealist psych-folk of his upcoming LP Leave Me Like You Found Me. This 10-song EP, full of more music and ideas than most long playing records, is comprised of five new songs featuring his honeyed, expressive vocals over bold, panoramic orchestration, as well as five equally sumptuous and engaging instrumental tracks, all showcasing a unique sense of orchestration and texture. The breadth and scope of this album’s instrumentation and arrangement belie the seemingly incomprehensible fact that every sound was played live, recorded, and mixed by Fritch in his home studio.

After more than a decade of slowly refining and honing his DIY, no budget, maximalist aesthetic, Emptied Animal with its new, evocative sound palette is a statement piece for a solo artist who has continually strived to make music larger than his modest means.


Second Series Release – Leave Me Like You Found Me:

Leave Me Like You Found Me (CD) includes:
• Glass Mastered CD housed in a panoramic 7” x 5” heavy stock, reverse printed case. Limited to 450 copies.
• 14 Song Her Warmth EP on a download card, 28 minutes of original music not found on the CD. (For CD Only Purchases)
• Double-sided Art Card Print featuring original artwork from William Ryan Fritch and Jamie Mills.
• Featuring artwork throughout by world renowned Brazilian artist/illustrator João Raus.
Release Date: May 20, 2014

The inspiration and namesake for the album was Adele Romanski’s unflinching character study of former lovers unable to free themselves from the burden of their shared history. These songs, dressed in the loaded and nostalgic warmth of magnetic tape, cull sounds from the canon of classic rock, deconstructed and repurposed into anthems of euphoric selective memory, where the emotional residue outlasts its derivatives.

Leave Me delivers rapturous melodic outbursts, expressive arrangements, Fritch’s magnificent arsenal of acoustic instrumentation, and the familiar, comforting sounds of vintage rock music refracted through the prism of modern classical sensibilities. It is lyrical yet wordless; lush, but never soft. Deliberate, yet unbound.


Third Series Release – Revisionist:

Revisionist (Deluxe Vinyl Book) includes:
• Vinyl housed in a deluxe bound vinyl book, reverse printed artwork. Limited to 300 copies.
• Four full color book bound pages of artwork on uncoated stock.
Revisionist album download card (Choice of 24Bit FLAC or 320 MP3)
Heavy & Empty EPs on a download card (Choice of 24Bit FLAC or 320 MP3)
• Featuring artwork throughout by world renowned Brazilian artist and illustrator João Ruas.
Release Date: February 2015

Revisionist is an ambitious next step in his development as a songwriter and producer. For the first time in his solo career, Fritch included several collaborators in his recording process (Benoit Pioulard, DM Stith, Origamibiro, Esme Patterson), and the results are scintillating. Whether it be the elegant minimalism of Pioulard’s production on “breathe hot and cold”, or DM Stith’s exultant vocals on “gloaming light” you can hear Fritch’s instrumentation and craft stretched to places it has never been before.

Revisionist greatly benefits from Fritch surrendering some of his auterist sensibilities. His kaleidoscopic array of overdubbed instrumentation is still very present, but now more than ever the orchestrations serve the songs and not the other way around. This 10-song LP features 6 new tracks and 4 radically reimagined songs from Fritch’s triumphant Leave Me Like You Found Me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will my items be shipped?
Your items will shipped to the address you enter during the Paypal checkout process or the shipping address you already have on file with Paypal. If your address changes over the period of the subscription series please be sure to inform us of the new address.

Will my items arrive safely?
We want your albums to arrive in excellent condition. The CD’s will come shipped in bubble mailers and secured between two cardboard inserts. The deluxe bound book vinyl is an oversized item and the packaging is as high quality as vinyl housing comes. It will be shipped with the vinyl removed from the main pocket and placed in a protective white sleeve inside the deluxe LP book. Then we will wrap the LP book with bubble wrap and secure it between two oversized cardboard stiffeners. This will then be placed in an outer box that will allow a layer tightly packed of biodegradable peanuts to surround this collectors item and allow for excellent corner protection.

Is my payment and personal information safe using Paypal?
PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to theirs using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, Paypal’s server checks that you’re using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher.

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What if I already purchased one of the albums in this series elsewhere before I knew about this, can I still subscribe to the offer?
Absolutely, feel free to get a hold of us here info(at)losttribesound.com and we will arrange a subscription package minus the release you already have.

If I subscribe to Earth/Shipping Saver Bundle when will I receive my releases?
All three major releases, Emptied Animal, Leave Me Like You Found Me, and Revisionist will all be shipped at the same time if you select the Earth/Shipping Saver option. The shipping date will be sometime in January 2015. This date will be a week before the release of Revisionist. However, you will receive emails with digital download codes for each album as they release along the way. So, while there is a bit of delayed gratification involved, you will be rewarded in the end by saving the Earth a bit of packaging and saving your wallet a few dollars.

When will I receive all the subscriber only bonus goods mentioned above?
All the subscriber exclusive extras will be released at different times throughout the subscription period from April through February 2015. We will definitely have a number of surprises along the way. And who knows it may be a quiet weekend, nothing going on, and the Bam! – A brand new Fritch soundtrack lands in your inbox. But you will have all of the exclusives and major content before the end of February 2015.

What if my address changes during the subscription period?
If your address changes at any point during the subscription, no worries. Just contact us here, info(at)losttribesound.com and let us know what your new address is. It is your responsibility to let us know before any major shipping dates. If a release is returned due to an old or incorrect address that was provided, we will happily resend it to the correct address, but additional charges will apply to resend the package.

Can I license some of this music for an upcoming film, television, or commercial I am working on?
Absolutely, we are always happy to license our music for commercial projects. In fact we make it easy, as most of our music is fully registered with ASCAP already. Please contact Ryan at info(at)losttribesound.com to further discuss your project.

What if I want to cancel the subscription?
Unfortunately, once we have started the delivery of your first album we will not be able to cancel the rest of your subscription. Stick with it, trust us. This thing will be well worth the price of admission!