PRELUDE TO The DECLINE - Digital BUNDLE (9 Digital Albums)

We know a lot of music lovers crave digital things these days, so we created this option for those who still want to get in on the perks of the Subscription Series, but don't have a need for the physical items. With this option, you'll receive 5% to10% off every release this year.  With this option you will receive Bandcamp digital download codes on the date of each release . And more good news, you will receive a10% coupon code for our Bandcamp shop, so if you end up wanting to grab the albums or any other releases in our catalog digitally or on CD/vinyl/cassette later on, you can, and still get a nice discount.

In total you will receive 9 DIGITAL ALBUMS, 1 DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE ALBUM, plus we will send you a Bandcamp download code for the individual tracks in our 8 song Prelude to the Decline Soundcloud preview, plus all of the perks listed below. First up in the series is William Ryan Fritch's original soundtrack for the upcoming GoPro film, Eagle Hunters in a New World.  The other is Seabuckthorn's monolithic new full-length album, Turns featuring artwork by Gregory Euclide.  We will unveil images, artwork, album titles and songs for the other albums as we move closer to each album's release. We've created a few easy ways to subscribe using Paypal below.

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• WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH - Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters (DIGITAL) (Release Date: March, 1st 2017)

• SEABUCKTHORN - Turns (DIGITAL) (Release Date: April 2017)

• THE GREEN KINGDOM - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: June/July 2017) 

• WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH - Zen Dog OST (DIGITAL) (Release Date: June/Dec 2017)*

• ALDER & ASH - Psalms for the Sunder (DIGITAL) (Release Date: July/Aug 2017)

• ALDER & ASH - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: July/Aug 2017)

• WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: August/September 2017)

• FROM THE MOUTH OF THE SUN - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: September 2017)

• KJ - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: October 2017)

• SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE ALBUM - Title: TBA (DIGITAL) (Release Date: November 2017)

• Bandcamp DL code for Alder & Ash - Psalms for the Sunder (Emailed within 24 hours of Subscribing)

• Subscription Discount of 5% to 10% off our 2017 releases retail price

• Download code (Bandcamp) for the 8 songs in our Soundcloud preview set  

• Behind The Scene Pass into premieres, exclusive tracks, photos, and more  

• Bandcamp DL codes on all releases (Choice of 24 Bit WAV, 320 MP3, etc.) Delivered day of each release

• A Bandcamp Discount Code good for 5% to 10% off all existing physical and digital LTS music for the rest of the year, good until Jan. 1st, 2018

HOw to pay:

We've created a few easy ways to pay using Paypal below.  If you pay for the year all at once you'll receive the larger discount of 10% OFF, but we also have a 6 Month Installment Option which will give you a discount of 5% OFF and allows you to pay over a six month period for all 9 albums in the Series. A Paypal account is not required to pay, you may checkout with a credit card or bank card using Paypal.

DIGITAL BUNDLE (One Time Payment) - 10% OFF
DIGITAL BUNDLE (6 Monthly Installments) - 5% OFF