We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow - Digital BUNDLE (7 Albums)

We know a lot of music lovers crave digital things these days, so we created this option for those who still want to get in on the perks of the Subscription Series, but don't have a need for the physical items. With this option, you'll receive 15% to 20% off every release in this series. With this option you will receive Bandcamp digital download codes for each album on the date of each release (with 1 album coming instantly along with full version of the Fell to Shadow preview songs). And more good news, you will receive a10% coupon code for our Bandcamp shop, so if you end up wanting to grab the albums or any other releases in our catalog digitally or on vinyl or CD later on, you can.

In total you will receive 7 DIGITAL ALBUMS (two of which are double albums), plus our early subscriber songs featuring 1 song from each of the coming albums, and we will send you a Bandcamp download code for the full song versions of the tracks in our 9 song Fell to Shadow Series preview and an advanced copy of Skyphone’s reissued Hildur album, plus all of the perks listed below. We've created a few easy ways to subscribe using Paypal below.

See all Subscriber options and read the FAQ's HERE

Digital BUNDLE includes: 

• Bandcamp Download Code for the full version of the Fell To Shadow preview songs emailed within 24 hours of purchase
• Subscription Discount of 15% to 20% of off our retail price
• $10 to $14 USD off of our retail price
• Bandcamp DL codes for 7 releases (emailed day of release)
• VARIOUS ARTISTS - We Stayed the Path... (DIGITAL)(Fall 2018)
• GAVIN MILLER - Meander Scars (DIGITAL)(Fall 2018)
• WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH - Music for Film Vol. I & II (DIGITAL)(Spring 2019)
• SKYPHONE - Hildur - (DIGITAL)(Late Spring 2019) DL Code for full album emailed within 24 hours of subscribing
• SKYPHONE - Title: TBA (DIGITAL)(Late Spring 2019)
• SPHERULEUS - Title: TBA (DIGITAL)(Summer 2019)
• A Bandcamp Discount Code good for 10% off all existing physical and digital LTS music, good until Sept 1st, 2019.
• Instant download of the Subscriber Exclusive song "Prosaic Ending" by William Ryan Fritch
See below for album release dates, packaging descriptions and more
• All proceeds from the compilation album We Stayed the Path That Fell To Shadow will go to benefit environmental and mental health charities (more info in FAQ section on series home page). All former ‘Prelude to the Decline Series’ Subscribers will receive a free digital download of the Fell To Shadow compilation album and William Ryan Fritch's Music for Film Vol. II.

See our main subscription series page for packaging descriptions and production details.

HOw to pay:

We've created a few easy ways to pay using Paypal below.  If you pay for the year all at once you'll receive the larger discount of 20% OFF, but we also have a 4 Month Installment Option which will give you a discount of 15% OFF and allows you to pay over a three month period for all 7 albums in the Series. No matter which option you select, you will still get a Bandcamp digital download code for each release upon its exact release date. A Paypal account is not required to pay, you may checkout with a credit card or bank card using Paypal.

DIGITAL BUNDLE (One Time Payment) - 20% OFF
DIGITAL BUNDLE (4 Monthly Installments) - 15% OFF

This Subscription Series is a great price considering the costs that went into making it. We aren’t making much off of each physical edition sold this way. If you’d like to pay little bit extra for the hard work our artists and the label put into this, it would be much appreciated. 60% of any money raised here will be divided up and given to the musicians in this series roster. The other 40% will go towards future LTS projects that we’d love to bring to life. Many thanks!