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Through the hypnotic fog that is the music of Cock and Swan lurks a strange energy, feeling one part sinister and two parts innocent. Yet, it reveals itself in subtle uneasy layers of blissfully haunting melodies as you clamber further into the dank outlands that entrench their sound.

Johnny Goss and Ola Hungerford (aka Cock and Swan) began making music together in 2003, on a Tascam 4-track in a tiny bedroom in Bothell, Washington. They now write and record in a white brick bunker by the river. Their music is inspired by old analog synthesizers, unplanned samples, giant vintage bass drums, and faded colors.

They have collaborated with a number of friends on this new album, including Adam Kozie (Pollens) on drums and William Ryan Fritch (aka Vieo Abiungo), adding in bits of cello, vibraphone, flute, sax, and marimba.

For those who have followed Cock and Swan or explored their earlier endeavors, Stash marks a rather significant shift in their overall sound. The idea sparked over many a conversation with Johnny a couple years back about retooling their heavily synth-reliant sound into something a bit more stripped back, raw, and acoustic. That concept has resulted in something that we think you’ll agree is truly heart-warming, intimate, and highly addictive.

The Limited Edition Packaging:
• The CD (Not a CD-R)(Limited Edition of 100) comes housed in a hand-aged linen cloth bound book.
• The cover is backed with archival mulberry paper and bound over high quality archival book board
• Cover art is printed to canvas and stitched.
• The interior is lined with hand made banana bark paper, lokta and mulberry paper.
• Each limited edition is hand numbered

The Limited Edition ($30) includes:
• CD housed in hand-numbered and hand-crafted case

The Standard Edition ($11) includes:
• CD housed in a reverse print sleeve with matte CD art

Digital Download:
• Visit our Bandcamp page for a 320 MP3, FLAC, Etc. version of Stash, here


Stash is a place of muffled tones, nodding tempos, tangible percussion, fragile monochrome vocals, and the harmonic imprecision of all things acoustic. It is immediate, earthy, and gently orchestral in its own skin. – The Muse In Music

Stash is a lo-fi, raw and organic approach to acoustic construction from Cock & Swan. What hasn’t changed though is the band’s desire to build from a legacy of influences, and it is from these that this dream laden, fantastical record is marked with a vivid sense of enjoyment. – Fluid Radio

The listener is surely in for the most wondrously chill-out album of 2012 and beyond – Highwire Daze

Stash is very lovely indeed and a shift down from their earlier more electronic excursions to a folkier, more acoustic sound. – A Closer Listen


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