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Vieo Abiungo-Blood Memory Remixed
Release Date: March 29th, 2011

Blood Memory Remixed is available for order in 320K MP3, FLAC, or WAV format from our Barter Page.

Fritch’s original album Blood Memory, released in April of 2010, has received a warm reception from fans and critics. Blood Memory Remixed offers an evocative and lush mix of sound from bizarre nocturnal dance hybrids to slower more classically driven pieces. The source material has been cast into new forms by a wide range of stand-out artists. It serves as a captivating introduction and/or accompaniment to the Blood Memory album. With a gritty combination of classical, African, rock, hip-hip and electronic influences, Blood Memory Remixed is a far reaching and unpredictably entertaining addition to the original.

Track Listing:
1. Blood Memory (Part Timer Remix)(5:08)
2. Sweat. Thick Like Blood or Honey… (Wallpaper Remix)(4:34)
3. Rust & Bile (Furious Styles Remix)(2:13)
4. Parading On Broken Glass V1 (Between The Pine Remix)(6:00)
5. Gaunt Wolves With Buzzard Beaks (Alpha Consumer Remix)(3:14)
6. Rust & Bile (Children Of The Wave Remix)(3:52)
7. Fugue (Manyfingers Remix)(8:37)
8. Rust & Bile (Scissors And Sellotape Remix)(4:36)
9. Red Earthen Mouths (Boats Remix)(4:43)
10. Parading On Broken Glass V2 (Between The Pine Remix)(4:23)
11. Rain Like Burnt Sugar (Brael Remix)(4:21)
12. Nervous Laughter (Sleepcrime Remix)(21:05)

Press Reviews:
Fluid Radio

For those not familiar with William Ryan Fritch’s debut solo album Blood
Memory, under his Afro-experimental alias Vieo Abiungo, let this dynamic
blend of reworkings from fellow artists and friends serve as a proper

In this packed seventy-three minute long album the styles fluctuate from the ambient/ modern classical installations of Part Timer and Manyfingers to dance renditions courtesy of Wallpaper and Sleepcrime along with obscure electronica from the Boats, Brael, and Between the Pine. In total, eleven different artists worldwide deliver beautiful reinterpretations using Fritch’s original source material.

Blood Memory Remixed also features a track from Alpha Consumer with members from Andrew Bird’s Band and the Garrison Keeler Band. The rock trio, based in Minneapolis, delivers a drunken bar brawl variation of “Gaunt Wolves With Buzzard Beaks.” One could easily compare this to a track Tom Waits might create for an escape scene from a hostile Mexican Prison.

Another highlight is the grandiose return of Chris Cole (Manyfingers) from the infamous Third Eye Foundation. Currently still active with the group Movietone, Cole transforms “Fugue” into an entirely new classical masterpiece. Having written the track for his son, it becomes apparent throughout the selection the true depth of the feelings being expressed. The track begins to gather storm clouds from the beginning. Clarinets feed the ominous strings and the tension peaks as skittering beats begin to devour and regroup around the decaying structure of the previous verse.

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